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More on influences for this animation

Since this animation is taking place in mostly natural environments, I would say that the works of director Terrence Malick has been a significant influence. In particular three of his four films involve natural elements as a significant part of storytelling, although dealing with different subjects that are not directly related to nature. With this style he is able to bring in the natural setting of these films more significantly into the picture, making elements such as water as important as the leading actors in the film. Also in this way he is creating a vivid ambiance to immerse the viewer more deeply into time and surroundings where the film takes place.

These films are: Days of Heaven (1978), which shows the life of the migrant worker in 1920s United States. The Thin Red Line (1999), showing the battle of Guadalcanal island during World War II. The New World (2005), which shows the encounters of British settlers with Native Americans of Virginia in 1607. These films all being period pieces, deal with subjects such as war, conquest and fight over inheritance, which don't seem be directly related to nature. But the director uses shots of the natural surroundings to establish the mood of the period and the effect of nature on humans and vice versa. Above all these films include stunning cinematography of nature with exceptional camera angles and under water photography created without the use of special effects.

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