torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

Comic influences

European comics are very popular in Finland and there are a number of comic artists, who undoubtedly have had an influence on the style of my animation. In particular artist such as Hugo Pratt, Jean Giraud Moebius, Jean-Claude Mézières and Didier Comés.

Hugo Pratt being the creator of Corto Maltese, one of the best examples of traveller comics representing cultures from around the world, combining history with the life of early 20th century. The simple drawing style of Corto Maltese represents characters and costumes from different ethnicities in a memorable manner. This is the style that Pratt has used for his travel diaries during his numerous voyages from continent to continent. His drawing style is also easily applicable to animation.

The other artist who's influence I find undeniable is Jean Giraud. His visionary style and ideas in French comics since the 60s has been so remarkable that even famous film directors such as Ridley Scott and Luc Besson have invited him to create concepts for their films, such as Alien (1979), The Fifth Element (1997) and Disney's Tron (1982). Also in his later comics he adopted a dreamlike sci-fi style, which uses imaginary transformations to represent the surreal visions in his dreamlike visual stories. In this context I'm interested in his intuitive way of using metamorphosis.

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