maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

Update on synopsis

A sailor hunts for the bounty of a mysterious thief, who loots jewels from sailors. The young sailor remembers his past as a boy stealing for a master to survive. On one of his trips he runs into a girl in a pearl diver's shop, who befriends him and gives him an old compass. When the girl's father shows up, the boy is forced to escape. While escaping he drops the compass and falls off a cliff into the sea and is drifted off to a deserted island, where he seeks shelter in a bat cave. In present day we see a man in a cave standing under moonlight and transforming into a bat. The bat loots ships and flies away until he enters the cabin of the pearl diver girl's boat, where he's surprised and recognized by the girl and is forced to escape. The human bat returns to the cave to fight off his curse as a bat. The girl enters the cave and returns the compass to the young sailor, revealing his identity. Thus releasing him from his curse.

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